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Ruse Auto Transport INC. was established in 2010 and named after my hometown Ruse, Bulgaria where I lived until 2006. I have very fond memories of Ruse because it is there that I developed the determination and commitment to outstanding service which I brought with me to the US.

My father, a driver himself, was the main catalyst that sparked my passion for transporting. Having the privilege to accompany him on his work travels across many countries in Europe, I was astounded by his compassion and dedication toward his job which has deeply influenced my work ethic.

From our humble beginnings with only one truck, we have grown exponentially over the past 10 years to operating ten tracks as of today, and being a highly trusted company to all of our clients.


When we receive your order from a broker, one of our coordinator will contact you to confirm make and model of the vehicle. The vehicle tank must be less than a quarter full. We work only with operable vehicles. No personal belongings are allowed in the vehicle because they are in jeopardy to be confiscated in case of a police stop. Personal belongings pose a serious damage to the interior design of the vehicle if a search is performed. 

We give you estimated time for Pick Up and Delivery at the time of the booking and you will be notified once more two hours prior. Accepted payment methods include money orders, cashier checks, zelle, quick pay (preferred).

In case of PU and D addresses that are not accessible by the semi-truck due to size of the streets, landscaping, low bridges etc., a new address will be provided by us within 5 to 8 miles from the original address where the customer will meet the driver.

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